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Music is a divine art. Here at CCA we teach our students the right basics and motivate everyone to become an excellent musician. Our curriculum encourages students to appear for exams and procure higher grades.

Our students take theory exams conducted by the Royal School of Music, London, UK and practical exams conducted by Trinity Guild Hall, London, UK. Music directors A.R.Rahman and Iliyaraja are two of the many musicians certified by these prestigious institutions. At CCA we have 100% record in these exams in both theory and practicals.
So what are you waiting for. Join our certified courses in

* Keyboardabout-us
* Guitar
* Drums
* Violin



Keyboard classes are open for candidates of age group 4yrs and above.
The classes are being taught from basics to graded exams in theory and practicals.

Students are being prepared for exams by Royal Institute of London and Trinity Guild Hall, UK

Exams are held twice a year and CCA is one of the leading institutes of South India in sending students for graded exams.

You can also post your enquiry for Drums in the Contact Us page
We also offer courses in Veena, Vocal, Flute and lots more.



I Level

Sarali Varisai



Thattu Varisaigal

II Level                   blonde_girl_singing_in_recording_studio



III Level




portrait of young girl with a guitar on the stage

IV Level

Aditala Varnams (3) Songs

V Level

Aditala Varnams (5) Songs

VI Level

Aditala Varnams (5) Keerthanai

VII Level

Aditala Varnams (2) Song Keerthanai

VIII Level

Keerthanaigal, Krithis

Patriotic Songs

IX Level

Aditala Varnam (1)


X Level

Aditala Varnams, Thillana Raga Alapana with Kalpana Swars for Keerthanaigal


Offering quality, enjoyable lessons in piano, voice, guitar, bass, and ukulele for all ages

Are we the right music school for you?

Mib Mid Brain  Academy of Music is Mib Mid Brain largest music school, with over 100 lessons taught each month.  At the Academy, each lesson is tailored to meet your unique goals and needs as a music student.  We know that it is important for you to find the right place for you or your child to grow in your musical abilities.

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