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Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program is a proven “Coimbatore Cultural Academy” for children of Age group 4 to 15 years. It is a big boon for kids as it enables them not only to learn to do Maths  Mentally ,but also to utilizes the Creative aspects of Right Brain and the Calculative Abilities of the Left Brain.


We at CCA are  the 1st ISO 9001 : 2008 CERTIFIED INSTITUTE to offer age group friendly syllabus with 4 different syllabus for kids in accordance to their age.

Our syllabus is unique and One of its kind .We train through Abacus Method ,Fingering Method and Mental Calculation,The highest point of our Abacus Mental training involves Dual concentration for kids.Dual concentration is our innovative method where a kid is trained to concentrate in two different aspects at a given time .All the above training is done through Playful Way which guarantees a joyful and memorable experience that in turn  translates into effective learning.

Abacus Mental Arithmetic

This is a method of calculation, performed on a virtual image of Abacus formed in the mind, based on the principles of Abacus Calculation. After the Practice Phase of the Abacus Calculation, the children are able to visualize and operate Abacus in their mind.
A child goes through the following phases to master the Abacus,
Cognitive Phase
Acceptance Phase
Practice Phase
Proficiency Phase
Autonomous Phase
Expression Phase

Curriculum – Spread over to 10 terms

Use of the Abacus
Proper techniques of working with the Abacus
Speed, Recognition and writing of numbers
Computation using Abacus
Basic computation skills in addition and subtraction
Combining of Mental Arithmetic & Abacus Skills
Basic computation skills in Multiplication and Division
Speed computation skills in addition and subtraction
Speed computation skills in Multiplication and Division
Sharpening of listening skills in speed computation
Exercising both the left & right brain
Balancing the human brain
Abacus may also be termed as “Brain Gym”